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Leverage automation & AI capabilities for faster implementation, cost savings and eliminate the need for multiple data vendors.

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Making sense of data regardless of where it lives.

Ingest. Curate. Govern. Consume

With ScikIQ, you don’t need to reinvent data, bring new tools, Sign up new vendors, Drop Data Silos, Remove legacy systems. It works on top of your existing Data environment to bring the right data to your business users for effective decisions. ​

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ScikIQ (Data and Analytics Services) recognized among 34 Augmented business intelligence platforms

ScikIQ, the native data fabric platform developed by Data and Analytics Services Pvt Ltd, has been recognized among notable vendors in The Augmented Business Intelligence Platforms Landscape, Q1 2023 report by Forrester Research.

The report, authored by Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Boris Evelson, recognizes ScikIQ among general-purpose platforms that can be used to build any domain application

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ScikIQ - Abstracting Complexities around Complex Ecosystem

ScikIQ is a Holistic Business Data Platform which simplifies data complexities from business users through a No Code, Drag and Drop User Interface which allows businesses to focus on driving value from data, thereby enabling them to grow, make faster and smarter decisions with confidence

  • Integration with Major Data Stores

    Use out of box integration, Connect any data source, ingest any structured and unstructured data.

  • Visual No Code

    Build for business users, ease of use, a simple no code platform, use drag and drop to manage your data. Self-learning platform.

  • Hybrid/ Multi-Cloud Platform

    Cloud agnostic, environment agnostic. Build on top of any data environment. ScikIQ architecture is designed specifically to address the challenges facing the complex hybrid data landscape.

  • Cost Effective

    Compared to old tech and change management, ScikIQ is easily deployable and delivers a trusted and real-time view of data across an enterprise in days or weeks instead of months and years.

  • Fast, Secure and Self-Serve Platform

    The platform transforms the way Data is acquired, curated, consumed, and governed to create business value.

  • Machine Learning algorithms for

  • PII/ Sensitive Data
  • Data Preperation & Data Lineage
  • Automatic Data Quality Rules Suggestions 
  • Data Relationship Discovery
ScikIQ Machine Learning

How ScikIQ can help your Organization

SCIKIQ is an all-in-one data management platform that utilizes automation to streamline data integration, governance, and curation tasks, making it a powerful and efficient augmented business intelligence platform for any enterprise. resulting in cost and time savings, and enabling users to focus on their core business activities.

ScikIQ Data Integration

It empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their data by seamlessly integrating it across functional silos, channels, and disparate sources, delivering valuable insights and driving business growth.

ScikIQ Data Governance

It delivers powerful data insights, enabling businesses to understand their inventory, storage, lineage, security, governance maturity, usage, and trustworthiness, driving informed decisions and improved data maturity and risk posture.

ScikIQ Metadata Management

It bridges communication gaps, aligns enterprise-wide definitions with business strategy and consumption patterns, and provides data context, enabling businesses to derive maximum value from their data.

ScikIQ Consumption Gateway

Through ScikIQ Visualiser, you can visualise your data and insights in the forms of reports and dashboards. Using this module, you can share your Data-as-a-Service for downstream consumption or roll out multiple data products for monetisation use cases.

ScikIQ Data Monetization

It empowers businesses to unlock the true value of their data by transforming it into actionable insights, resulting in significant business impact, improved decision-making and enhanced organizational capabilities.

ScikIQ Data Exchange

It is a powerful solution that allows businesses to capitalize on their data by creating new revenue streams, driving profitable growth, and reinforcing their competitive advantage, positioning and innovation aspirations.

With ScikIQ,
Eliminate the need for external vendors

ScikIQ’s automation and AI-driven features can handle all data management tasks, including data integration, data governance, and data curation. This allows organizations to focus on their core business activities and make data-driven decisions without the need for external vendor support, thus resulting in cost and time savings.

In the market which is use case-driven solution hunting by enterprise buyers, this comes as a huge relief and is a major benefit to only rely on one vendor or platform for all the tasks or fulfillment of use cases.

With its automation and AI-driven features, it can save time, costs, and engineering effort, enabling organizations to focus on value-added activities and make data-driven decisions

ScikIQ Data Fabric

Standard Work Process

Get real time view of data across the enterprise, fast and securly


Connect to your Application/Data Store using pre-build Connectors and Recipes


Integrate Data Assets across the enterprise by curating and building a Single Version of Truth.


Discover, Manage and Trust the Data Lake by following the best-in-class governance module.


Consume data and insights via reports and dashboards, Data as a Service, or Embedded Analytics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Conveniently mesh cooperative services via magnetic outsourcing. Dynamically grow value whereas accurate e-commerce vectors.

1. Why choose ScikIQ?

Data projects usually take a lot of time. They also struggle to bring the right data to the business users. ScikIQ is fast in organising your data for the right business users. you can reduce in Data to Action Time from Months and Years to Days and Weeks.

2. Does ScikIQ Help in cost saving?

ScikIQ replaces most of the data management tools you have resulting in reduction of Total Cost of Ownership by 2-10 times.

3. Is ScikIQ Secure?

The data resides on your premise/cloud only and ScikIQ is moving compute to data and offering a PAAS based solution where business teams are fully sure about data privacy and data integrity.

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