ScikIQ Webinar

2ND Nov. 2023 | Thursday , 4:00 PM IST

AI-infused Analytics and Large Language Models (LLMs)

We are at an inflection point in technology, and artificial intelligence is driving this transformation. Leading from the front is Generative AI. Many of us have experienced the magic of Chat GPT, leaving us both spellbound and amazed.

Now, envision that magic applied to Data Analytics. Consider the immense value it could bring to businesses and the corporate realm.

A data-driven organization is no longer just a vision but an emerging reality, with data literacy and democratization being propelled by AI. It is not just limited to that, but organisations can benefit from faster implementations, Data integrations, getting rid of repetitive tasks, gaining huge cost savings, and of course faster ROI.

Among the forefront of these advancements are Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3, which exhibit an astounding ability to understand, generate, and interact with human language.

Discussing great topics sparks the innovation we seek.

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We are pleased to have Boris Evelson, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst as a Guest speaker. Boris delivers strategic guidance, helping enterprises define IDB strategies, governance, and architectures and identify vendors and technologies.

The session will be hosted by Gaurav Shinh, an accomplished entrepreneur and expert in data management. As the Founder and CEO of DAAS LABS and SCIKIQ, Gaurav will provide the product point of view and skillfully navigate the webinar session, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience.

The event will be modered by Vipul Narula, Digital & Transformation Head, BFSI, Concentrix Catalyst Vipul's versatile career includes titles such as Chief Architect, Head of Strategy & Innovation, M&A Integration Lead, Senior Director of Digital, Chief Data Architect, and PMO Practice Lead.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding What is AI infused analytics.
  • Understanding what is LLMs and how it is changing the world of data and Analytics.
  • How organisations can benefit from implementing AI infused platform and how it helps in building a Data Driven organisation.
  • The various use cases of LLMS and how’s that going to change the way organisation manage data.
  • The future of Data Analytics. Will AI changes that entirely and how it looks like.
  • Including Ethical and practical implications

Interactive Q&A

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