Transforming BI with Innovative Reporting and Visualization

SCIKIQ's approach enhances reporting by providing a unified, efficient system for data management. By creating a common semantic layer and data catalog, data discrepancies are reduced and access to quality, approved data is improved. The incorporation of a virtualization engine consolidates data, further aiding swift, accurate reporting. The result is a simpler, more efficient, and trusted reporting process.

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Scikiq ETL

Next-Level BI: SCIKIQ Redefines Reporting and Visualization Standards

SCIKIQ’s approach starts by creating a common semantic layer for multiple BI platforms. This semantic layer separates BI developers and users from the complexities of underlying physical database structures. By implementing a common semantic layer, each platform uses the same business glossary and metrics, leading to a single version of the truth and single trusted source of data.

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SCIKIQ's Innovation

Streamlining Reporting and Amplifying Data Managemet with UEDS Process


Unification of

SCIKIQ's common semantic layer harmonizes data across multiple BI platforms.


Enhanced Data Accessibility

The virtualization engine ensures quick and precise access to consolidated data.


Data Quality

A common data catalog provides improved data governance and high-quality, approved data.


Streamlined Reporting Process

The integrated system simplifies the overall reporting process, promoting efficiency and accuracy.

Single Dashboard for All your Business Needs

We are presenting Data in formats you can consume or customise, so that you can focus on identifying outliers and unusual groups, detect trends and clusters, spot local patterns and take the necessary business decisions

Unlock Complex Data

Making sense of complex data patterns helps the users pay attention to areas that identify unique trends, red flags or progress which helps, driving the business ahead.

Leverage Opportunities

Decisions can’t be made in a vacuum or by gut feeling. Unbiased quality data visualization allows access to the right kind of information to leverage new business areas to conquer.


Advanced Analytics, Understand Business

Simplify your data analysis with SCIKIQ Curate, an intuitive visualisation tool that turns complex data sets into actionable insights. Make data-driven decisions faster and more effectively with our dynamic and easy-to-use visualisations.

  • Insight Discovery
  • Decision Support
  • Trend Identification
  • Data Exploration
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Communication Efficiency
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