Simplify Data Governance with ScikIQ Control's Automated Solutions

ScikIQ Control is Best-in-class data governance tool for organization to ensure compliance & risk management and streamlines your data management processes

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Automate data discovery, leverage Elastic search capabilities and extract metadata from existing data with ease.


Create better Controlled data Environments

Build a data lake and build data governance capabilities with ScikIQ. A no code, all visual platform for effortless data discovery, cataloguing and ensuring data Quality with built in platform intelligence.

  • Discover and Catalogue data assets using ScikIQ's graph capabilities

  • Profile data, identify and treat Data Quality issues

  • Capture full record to report Data Lineage for operational and reg usage

ScikIQ Data Governance ensures Data Quality

ScikIQ Data Governance Framework is set up to achieve the following:

Scikiq Data Quality
  • 1

    Data Stewardship

    Helps set up Data Stewards role within ScikIQ to ensure the quality and fitness of data

  • 2

    Data Quality Management

    ScikIQ enables combination of processes, people and technologies for improvising the measures of data quality

  • 3

    Meta Data Management

    Enables establishing policies and processes so that information can be integrated, shared and protected in the form of Asserts, glossary, business data and entity

  • 4

    Data Lineage

    Suggest duplicity and encourages re-cycling of existing built modules. It also identifies where each resource is being used. ScikIQ captures lineage at every stage of the data journey and gives user a complete 360 degrees view of the system

  • 5

    Authoritative Data Source

    ScikIQ has pre - configured roles available to ensure authorized data source access and maintain ownership

Scikiq Data Governance

Automated Data Discovery and Management

ScikIQ has implemented Data Discovery via Infrastructure on Demand. In ScikIQ, data is discovered as soon as data migration/ETL job is scheduled. The discovery happens on a POD, which is infrastructure on Demand. There are services responsible for searching the database catalog, establishing the relationship, populating knowledge graphs and making all available on Front end.

  • Data Cataloging
  • Metadata Discovery
  • Asset Approval and Asset Search Powered by Elastic Search
  • Data Lineage and Knowledge Graphs powered by Neo4J
  • Data Quality Management - Rules and Dashboards Advanced Power BI/Tableau Metadata Engine with Report Classifier and Document Scribe
  • Understand Distribution, Freshness, Volume and Schema Change through Data Observatory
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