Simplify Data Governance with SCIKIQ Control's Automated Solutions

SCIKIQ Control provides industry-leading automated data governance solutions that enable organizations to streamline data management processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage risks with ease.

Automate data discovery, leverage Elastic search capabilities and extract metadata from existing data with ease.
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Revolutionizing Data Governance for Data Workers

Data Governance is managing the data throughout its lifecycle, in any enterprise. This would normally include, managing the availability, usability, consistency, integrity, and security, standard compliance, and includes establishing processes with respect to data.

In other words, It is the capability that enables an organization to ensure that high data quality exists and that data controls are implemented that support business objectives.

ScikIQ's data governance practices revolve around its distinctive set of features that help resolve key stakeholders' pain points, such as ensuring data precision for the Chief Data Officer in decision-making while aligning data assets with business requirements for data stewardship.

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Create better Controlled data Environments with SCIKIQ's Control

Effortlessly implement automated data governance for your enterprise data with SCIKIQ's no-code, all-visual platform. Our solution enables your governance team to build a data lake and governance capabilities with ease.

Discover and catalogue data assets using SCIKIQ's advanced graph capabilities, profile data, and identify and resolve data quality issues with built-in platform intelligence.

Our platform captures full record-to-report data lineage for both operational and regulatory usage, providing your team and business users with a clear understanding of data governance policies. Simplify your data governance with SCIKIQ.

  • Discover and Catalogue data assets using SCIKIQ's graph capabilities

  • Profile data, identify and treat Data Quality issues

  • Capture full record to report Data Lineage for operational and reg usage

SCIKIQ Data Governance Framework

Streamline Your Data Stewardship, Quality Management, Metadata, Lineage, and Data Source Ownership Efforts

SCIKIQ Data Governance Framework is set up to achieve the following:

SCIKIQ Data Quality
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    Data Stewardship

    Ensure the quality and fitness of your data with SCIKIQ's powerful data stewardship framework, which helps set up data steward roles and responsibilities for efficient management.

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    Data Quality Management

    SCIKIQ's data quality management framework combines people, processes, and technologies to improve the accuracy and reliability of your data, ensuring consistent high quality.

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    Meta Data Management

    Establish and enforce robust policies and processes for metadata management with SCIKIQ, enabling the seamless integration, sharing, and protection of information in various forms, including assets, glossaries, business data, and entities.

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    Data Lineage

    Unlock the power of your data with SCIKIQ's comprehensive data lineage framework, which identifies duplicate resources, encourages module recycling, and provides a 360-degree view of the entire data journey to help make informed decisions.

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    Authoritative Data Source

    Ensure the authenticity and ownership of your data sources with SCIKIQ's authoritative data source framework, which includes pre-configured roles for authorized access and easy maintenance.

SCIKIQ Data Governance
Improve Data Management with SCIKIQ's Automated Data Discovery and Cataloging through Infrastructure on Demand

SCIKIQ has implemented Data Discovery via Infrastructure on Demand. In SCIKIQ, data is discovered as soon as data migration/ETL job is scheduled. The discovery happens on a POD, which is infrastructure on Demand. There are services responsible for searching the database catalog, establishing the relationship, populating knowledge graphs and making all available on Front end.

  • Data Cataloging
  • Metadata Discovery
  • Asset Approval and Asset Search Powered by Elastic Search
  • Data Lineage and Knowledge Graphs powered by Neo4J
  • Data Quality Management - Rules and Dashboards Advanced Power BI/Tableau Metadata Engine with Report Classifier and Document Scribe
  • Understand Distribution, Freshness, Volume and Schema Change through Data Observatory
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Automate Data Governance with SCIKIQ

Automated data governance is a powerful approach to managing and enforcing data governance policies across an organization's data assets. At SCIKIQ, we provide an innovative solution that integrates intelligence and automation to monitor and control data quality, security, compliance, and privacy, while tracking data lineage and usage. By automating data governance processes, organizations can enhance the accuracy, consistency, and security of their data while reducing the time and effort required for manual oversight.

Automated data governance has become essential for enterprises dealing with large volumes of data. Here are the benefits of implementing automated data governance with SCIKIQ:

Enhanced data quality and accuracy

Automated data governance with machine learning algorithms eliminates human errors in data management, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

Real-time access to data

Automated data governance enables organizations to have real-time access to their enterprise and personal data. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly.

Reduced manual effort

Automated data governance streamlines data governance processes, reducing the time and effort required for manual oversight.

Improved compliance and security

Automated data governance with SCIKIQ ensures that personal and sensitive data is secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Efficient management of big data

Automated data governance with SCIKIQ enables enterprises to manage and control large and complex data sets efficiently.

Enabling governance automation

SCIKIQ enables governance automation by automating governance policies and procedures to improve consistency, quality, and speed of data governance programs.