Transform Your Data Management with SCIKIQ's Comprehensive Data Curation Tool

Input. Transform. Present.

Discover a new approach to data curation with SCIKIQ Curate, a powerful data management platform that seamlessly integrates AI, machine learning, data quality, and data governance.

Our robust framework of curation tools includes the Data Prep Studio, Logical and Business Data Modeling, Orchestrator, and Schedules, bridging the gap between stakeholders, departments, data owners, and developers. With SCIKIQ Curate, you can optimize your data sets to yield their maximum value, while ensuring data quality and adhering to data governance standards. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology and transform your data management practices with SCIKIQ Curate.

  • SCIKIQ provides a data curation tool called Data Prep Studio which enables the user to enter the data in any format be it a database, file, query or SAP app.

  • As per his needs, the user can perform multiple transformation functions like filtering, ordering, grouping and value mapping. In addition to this, the user can perform various other functions like comparison, logical, statistical and mathematical.

  • Data Prep Studio also provides the feature of joins i.e. the user can create a data model by joining many tables from multiple sources and can then apply transformation functions.


Simplify Data Transformation with SCIKIQ's User-Friendly Data Standardization Tools

Data Extraction: The process of retrieving data from various sources, such as databases,
flat files, APIs, etc.The out-of-box integration supports the following sources:

  • Data warehousing Products
  • Databases: RDBMS, Columnar, NO SQL
  • Application Stores: SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, etc.
  • File System: FTP, SFTP, Drop Boxes, Parquet, ORC, Avro, CSV, Excel
  • Hadoop Ecosystem: Hive, Impala, HDFS
  • Real-Time Sources: Kafka Confluent
  • Log-based CDC using Debezium
  • Process Migration: a unique feature of SCIKIQ, allowing business users to capture data
  • using standard process migration recipes.
  • Data Cleansing
    Data Cleansing

    The process of removing or correcting inconsistent, duplicate, irrelevant, or incomplete data.

    Data Transformation
    Data Transformation

    This transformation is used to convert data from one format to another, such as converting data from unstructured to structured format.

    Data Standardization
    Data Standardization

    This transformation is used to ensure that data conforms to predefined standards, such as converting all dates to a standardized format.

    Data Normalization
    Data Normalization

    This transformation is used to bring data into a standard form, such as converting data from multiple tables into a single table.

    Data Aggregation
    Data Aggregation

    This transformation is used to summarize data, such as calculating the average of a set of values.

    Data Filtering
    Data Filtering

    This transformation is used to remove unnecessary data, such as removing data that does not meet certain criteria.

    Data Mapping
    Data Mapping

    The process of transforming data from one format to another to meet the specific needs of the client.

    Data Enrichment
    Data Enrichment

    The process of adding additional data to existing data to enhance its value.

    Data Calculation
    Data Calculation

    The process of performing mathematical operations on data to derive new information.

    Data Validation
    Data Validation

    The process of checking the accuracy and completeness of data before loading it into the target system.

    Data Reconciliation
    Data Reconciliation

    The process of comparing data from multiple sources to ensure consistency and accuracy.

    Data Modelling

    Unlock Your Data's Potential with SCIKIQ's Logical and Business Data Modeling

    Meet organizational business objectives with a robust plan of action. Organizations grow, increase profitability and reduce costs when they look at the right data, which is also looking at right relationships of data and data sources.

    • SCIKIQ Curate’s Logical Data Modelling works as a blueprint and describes data elements in detail & is used to develop visual understandings of data entities, attributes, keys, and relationships.

    • With Business Data Modelling, understand the relationships between various bits of data and refer to the data models already created via Data Prep Studio and Logical Data Modelling. In addition to viewing the data models, the user can edit, schedule and define business & technical metadata.

    Experience Lightning-Fast Data Curation with SCIKIQ's Real-Time ML Intelligence

    Experience fast, high volume & cost controlled way of data processing. SCIKIQ’s ML intelligence completes data curation in the real time, thus making it more efficient and faster to access.

    • SCIKIQ allows you to process high volumes of data i.e. even millions of records at the same time, at a cost effective method on cloud.

    • Data processing & optimization – On premise or on cloud with maximum data privacy and security.

    Experience Fast

    Scheduling made flawlessly Automated

    SCIKIQ’s Job scheduling tools automate tasks, eliminate the need for manual kick-offs and reduce delays.

    • SCIKIQ Curate provides two data curation tools for scheduling – SCIKIQ Orchestrator and SCIKIQ Schedules.

    • SCIKIQ Orchestrator helps you in scheduling of various tasks, jobs & emails without any hassles.

    • SCIKIQ Schedules helps to list down all the scheduled jobs & emails and keeps a track of the same.

    Gain a Competitive Edge with SCIKIQ's Data Profiling Capabilities

    Organize and analyze data so that it can yield its maximum value and give a clear, competitive advantage in the marketplace. SCIKIQ’s Data Profiling tool helps in -

    • Editing
    • Applying filters
    • Detecting PII
    • Organized sorting
    • Defining data quality rules
    • Predictive decision making
    • Proactive crisis management
    Data Profiling