Challenge: No consistent view of data across the organisation and limited Management Information (MI) and reporting capability. Limited appetite to hire and train new technology resources to satisfy requirements.

Approach: Scikiq provided the capability to bring all the data in one place to build a data lake first. Subsequently Scikiq provided transformation capabilities to convert the data into a reporting format. Finally the presentation layer was also built with bespoke dashboards on Scikiq which was subsequently rolled out across numerous divisions like Sales, Operations, Inventory as well as Executive reporting. All of this with minimal need for bespoke technology resourcing.


Challenge: CMD level dashboards were needed for daily divisional reporting across all the cities the firm is operational in. In addition, a full data strategy implementation was requested for the worldwide business to enable ad hoc reporting needs but the solution needed to be on premise.

Approach: All CMD dashboards were created and published on Scikiq in agile manner with several iterations with senior management as well as KPI verification happening on the fly. For the worldwide business, Scikiq provided a one stop shop to ingest, curate and report the data while also scheduling data refreshes automatically – all of this within a private data centre thereby making it available across the organisation as an internal web app.


Challenge: As part of CCAR reporting for banks in the US, a number of transformation rules needed to be applied across product data to make it suitable for regulatory reporting. For smaller banks the process was especially onerous and there was a need to have a unified data tool to address similar needs across the board.

Approach: All the transformation required for regulatory reporting was handled through the Data Prep Studio in Scikiq which provides transformation routines out of the box while also providing the capability to explore and engineer data. A robust multi-tenant implementation ensured that the rule sets were transferable across the different entities while also maintaining the privacy and integrity of the data of each entity.