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Transforming Logistics for ECU Worldwide

ECU Worldwide is one of the largest less-than-container-load shippers in the world, with 30 years of experience, servicing close to 2,400 trade routes across 180 countries and 40,000 port pairs across the globe.

Complexity of Operations,
Executed by SCIKIQ

Pain Points

  • No single source of truth.
  • Data primarily used for operational reports.
  • Reliance on manual methods for tracking profitability, business performance, and operations.

Scale of Complexity

  • Operating in 75+ countries with multiple clusters.
  • Involves 3 product lines, 6 data centers, and 40 non-standardized sources.
  • Fragmented processes and master data issues.
  • Hybrid data sources and M&A growth leading to silos.
  • Over 200 operational reports on Qlik missing management view.
  • Highly complex transformation with varied data submission forms.

SCIKIQ's Deployment

  • Supply Chain Control Tower: Improved profitability and daily operations, accelerated sales, and predicted disruptions.
  • Data Management: Managed 100+ daily schedules, processing 300K records daily, integrated across 30 systems feeding 100+ Power BI reports.

Results with SCIKIQ

ECU Worldwide, facing integration challenges across its global operations, turned to SCIKIQ for a comprehensive transformation. Key achievements include.

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20-40% Sales

Across 20+ countries, doubling earnings from 2018 to 2021.

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30% Reduction in Processing Time

Through centralized data management and automated dashboards.

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25% Increase in Customer Adoption

Advantage of comprehensive reporting on Sales and customer KPI.

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150% Boost in Productivity

With KPI reporting covering all aspects of productive teams.

Achieving Operational Excellence: ECU Worldwide’s Digital Leap

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SCIKIQ Control Tower Advantage

Data management solutions
for all aspects of logistics

SCIKIQ supply chain control tower is a connected, customized dashboard of data of critical business KPIs, and significant events occurring throughout the organization. Logistics Control Tower allows you to gather real-time valuable intelligence, minimize or eliminate manual processes, and break down data silos so that business executives can make decisions quickly for the business.​

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