Emma Bruno

Chief Data officer

A CDO Data strategy for Achieving data literacy with help of Data Platform

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Leveraging Data to Drive Organizational Transformation:

A Chief Data Officer (CDO) can play a key role in transforming an organization by leading data-driven decision making, promoting data literacy, and aligning data architecture with business strategy. By implementing a data culture, ensuring a single version of truth, and ensuring fully governed and auditable data sources, the CDO can drive data-based innovation and improve flexibility.

Utilizing knowledge graph and semantic technologies, the CDO can enhance data capabilities, both in terms of processes and technology, enabling the organization to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Achieving Data Literacy

Driving Data-Led Decision Making
Promoting Data Adoption
Aligning Data Architecture with Business Architecture

Creating a Data Culture

  • Single Version of Truth
  • Fully Governed and Auditable      Data Sources
  • Flexibility

  • Building Data Capabilities

  • Process and Technology
  • Knowledge Graph and Semantics
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